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Rosewall Ballet Dress

Rosewall Ballet Dress

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Embrace Elegance Designed for Femme Queers: Rosewall Ballet Dress with a Show-Stopping Bow 🎀

Jae wears a dress size 12.

Step into a world of grace and empowerment with our ballet-style dress, meticulously crafted for femme queers seeking a perfect blend of sophistication and self-expression. Made from luxurious poly satin, this dress promises to elevate your style and celebrate your uniqueness.

🎀 Design Details: Adorned with an empress waist gathering that accentuates your silhouette, this ballet-style dress exudes regal charm. The spotlight, however, belongs to the back—a statement-making big bow. Two graceful pieces of fabric elegantly drape, ready to be tied into a bow, allowing you to create a look that is as unique as you are.

🎀 Size Inclusivity: Available in sizes 0 to 40, our dress is designed to celebrate all body types. For an even more personalized fit, we offer complimentary custom sizing. Your confidence in every stitch matters to us.

🎀 Style and Versatility: Inspired by ballet aesthetics, our dress effortlessly fuses grace with contemporary style. Tailored for femme queers, it's perfect for special occasions, romantic dates, or any moment where you want to express your individuality with flair.

🎀 The Bow: A Symbol of Queer Elegance: The prominent back bow is not just a detail; it's a statement of elegance and empowerment. Tie it with pride, expressing your personal style and embracing the queer charm that makes you uniquely beautiful.

🎀 Purpose and Charm: More than an outfit, this ballet-style dress is a symbol of grace and empowerment. Wear it to dance through life's special moments, creating memories that reflect your inner beauty and sophistication.

🎀 Care Instructions: Crafted from sumptuous poly satin, this dress demands gentle care to preserve its enchantment. Handwash with love, and it will continue to inspire moments of elegance for every femme queer soul.

🎀 Unleash the Queer Elegance: Celebrate your uniqueness with our ballet-style dress, designed for femme queers who seek elegance with a touch of rebellion. Order now and let this dance-inspired creation become a canvas for your self-expression. 

Note that all And Our dresses are made-to-order and can be customized to your measurements if our measurements do not match yours. Please email us at to request a custom size.

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