Welcome, we're so glad you're here.

We're And Our, a non-binary label creating people-focused garments with people-first manufacturing. 

You may be thinking: "but what does that mean exactly?" Let's talk about it.⁠

Non-Binary label: so much of our lives is shopping in gender defining categories, the men's or the women's section of most department stores. There is no room for exploration, discovery, or a cross-pollination of colors, silhouettes, or design. With And Our, we want to empower people from wherever they roam to use all the tools in or out of the box.  

People-focused: so much of brands nowadays is using the same model or same aesthetic of models across all platforms. You know the ones... That moment when everyone starts to look like a cousin or twin. When we mean people-focused, we mean showing those who look exactly like you. Maybe shorter, maybe taller, maybe skinnier, maybe wider, maybe darker, maybe lighter. Everyday people who look and feel good in our garments is what gets us creating.⁠

People-first: who are the actual people sewing your garments? We work with a factory based in Jiangmen, China that respects their factory staff by paying higher than above minimum wage, the right to join or form a union, access to baseline employer healthcare and worker's compensation. Being able to make sure that people in places of high technical work have the same diginites as all.⁠

And is the + in inclusivity when it comes to LGBTQ+ and Our is making people feel included, it's not them, us, it's Our.

Our garments are Made In China, made in one of the best factories in the region, Springdale Jiangmen LTD. We encourage you to read our sustainability report for more details on our Code Of Conduct and how Springdale’s Code Of Conduct aligns with ours. Designing people-focused garments means working with a factory that pays above minimum wage, provides health benefits, and engages in social impact is what people-first manufacturing is all about.

Again, we're so glad you're here.

PRESS INQUIRIES: shop@andourlabel.com