About And Our

Inspired by my love for all things love, gender, and expression.

And Our is a dress brand that brings empowering feminine styles to our queer and trans family. It’s femme for all genders & sizes. As a queer person myself, I’ve found comfort and intense joy through seeing queers across our entire community thrive and live in their power. Queer people deserve to feel and look amazing through garments that pull and pluck at their heartstrings like a harp. Singing sweet stories from their soul.

What power looked like to me was watching 90’s Shoujo animes and reading magical girl transformation mangas. Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew, and so much more. I found a sense of belonging in these shows and books as a young teen. It wasn’t until I was much older (in my 30’s) did I realize the amount of queer representation showcased before my eyes. Unbenounced to me.

I had always wished to have a transformation of my own, where I could become the powerful characters I wanted to be. So now, with And Our, I can do just that.

This realization empowered me to start a femme-inspired dress brand for and by queers. As the world continues to fade into the grays of unisex and uniformity—And Our is just the opposite. Big and billowy silhouettes, featuring colors found in nostalgic references. Giving queer bodies the frame in which to showcase their unique and unreplicatable personalities. 

And Our represents inclusion for all genders through a femme lens.